Ten Plus One Communications

What's Your Story?

Helping you tell your story

We are a digital communications company focused on helping clients tell their story.

Located in Kingston Ontario, we can help you to develop and implement your strategy, branding, customer experience and content development.

With over two decades of digital marketing experience across a broad range of clients and industries, we  bring a holistic, customer centric approach to developing and executing innovative communication strategies.


Digital Content Development

Simplify Your Digital Content with Our Full-Service Solution. From research and analytics to planning, design, and website/social/email development, we will help you to create and execute your vision effectively.

10 + 1 - Photography Services

Photography Services

Experience the impact of visual storytelling with our photography services. We excel in capturing every moment, whether it’s dynamic promotional content, immersive event coverage, or striking product, real estate and portraits.

10 + 1 Creative Studio

Creative Studio

Need Inspiration and Innovation? We can help. Spanning from Product Design to Ideation. Leverage Our Unique Perspective to Propel Your Projects Toward Success.


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